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10/03/2017 - GKN Driveline selects Fagor Arrasate for the supply of its first Servopress in Europe

GKN, worldwide leader in the supply of CV joints entrusts Fagor Arrasate with the acquisition of a new Full Servo transfer press for cold forging process.

The new press of 600-Ton and knuckle joint kinematic chain is adapted to two cold-forging processes and, as well as having the crown and transfer servo operated, it is equipped with servo ejectors both in the ram and in the bed, which provide the press with the maximum flexibility in this type of machines.
This last project, which is joined to the large number of presses of Fagor Arrasate in the plant of GKN Trier in Germany, gives continuity to a relationship that started more than 20 years ago between GKN and Fagor Arrasate, and today, on the 60th anniversary of Fagor Arrasate, it is a clear example of their philosophy to promote lasting relationships with their customers and continue sharing their most important and demanding challenges.