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The visit marked the presentation of a dual servo blanking line for steel and aluminium.

Some days ago we had the privilege of meeting Mr. Daniel Thies, Chief of Manufacturing & Try Out Presses at Thyssen System Engineering who paid a visit to our facilities. During the visit he was able to attend the presentation of a highly automated modern dual servo blanking line for both steel and aluminum, as well as the stacking steel/aluminium test bench. Also, Mr. Thies could see the prototype of a laser blanking line completed by FAGOR ARRASATE,  which will be added to a production line during 2017. Moreover, the new developments that Fagor Arrasate is making in the field of Try-out Presses, both mechanical and hydraulic, were shown.

Thyssen System Engineering is present all over the world, with facilities in the US, Western Europe, China, Russia, Mexico, India and Japan among others. The Company proposes products and solutions in the automotive, aerospatial ab battery development sectors.