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Laser blanking

Great added value, flexibility and optimization of material

Following the new market requirements we launch the new blanking line with laser cutting technology. This new technology allows an increased flexibility compared to the usual cutting with press.

  • Production is not stopped: because the die is not needed, the change of production is almost immediate, needing only to select the new recipe.
  • Increased flexibility: manufacturing of complex geometry parts.
  • Multi material: allows working with steel, stainless steel and aluminum.
  • Reduction of production costs: due to an optimal use of the coil, the scrap is reduced.
  • Increased adaptability: possibility of producing any part at any moment in a site equipped with a laser blanking (management of dies disappear).
  • Reduced cost of installation: reduced civil works on site as the line is more compact and does not require a high building. The line does not need pit or overheld crane for die change.
  • Reduction of space: as storage of the different sets of die are no longer needed.

Fagor Arrasate´s laser blanking lines have technology for improving quality and productivity:

  • Leveler to guarantee the right quality of the blank.
  • Our own nesting software.
  • Laser heads up to 6 KW of power for producing both skin panels and internal car panels or other industries.
  • Telescopic conveyor permanently synchronized with the laser head.
  • Detection and compensation system to continuously measure the deviation of the strip and compensate this offset in the laser head.
  • A flexible stacking system for the different references

Premium Laser Blanking

  • Steel and aluminum
  • Tensile strength up to 1200Mpa (UHSS)
  • Plastification up to 80%
  • Inner and outer car panels with high dimensional and surface requirements
  • Line up to 55 meters
Thick 0,8 - 3,5mm 0,5 - 3,5mm
Dimension 2000 x 2100mm 4300 x 2100mm 
Productivity  Up to 20 parts/min Up to 30 parts/min





Single Head Laser Blanking

  • Steel and aluminum
  • Tensile strength < 800Mpa (HSS)
  • Plastification up to 60-70%
  • Inner car panels (optional skin part in SH-LB2100)
  • Line up to 26 meters
  SH-LB1500 SH-LB2100
Thick 0,75 - 2,5mm 0,75 - 2,5mm
Dimension 2000 x 1500mm  2000 x 2100mm
Productivity  Up to 7,5 parts/min Up to 10 parts/min


  • Premium Laser Blanking
  • Single Head Laser Blanking
  • Laser Blanking- Leveler
  • Laser Blanking- Laser cabin
  • Laser Blanking- Laser head


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