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Hydraulic forging presses

Hydraulic forging presses

Fagor Arrasate has a lot of experience in manufacturing hydraulic presses for all types of applications, with range that goes from 63,000 KN to 150,000 KN and bolsters measuring up to 5000x3000 mm.

The hydraulic press can carry out a wide variety of jobs thanks to its versatility and the fact that the rated tonnage can be obtained at any slide position, which means that long billets can be forged. These presses stand out for their high-powered pumps which means that forging can be done at high speeds to achieve higher production rates.

Hydraulically driven mechanical ejectors can be used to remove the forged part, on both the slide and the bolster.

Fagor Arrasate also offers the possibility of guaranteeing the automation of the loading and unloading processes by means of integrated manipulation systems in the press or out of the press, adapting the line to the needs of process and parts.

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