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Transfer Presses

Transfer Presses

Transfer presses were developed as a response to the need for totally automated, labour-free component manufacture. At the heart of the installation is the transfer, or the element which moves the parts from one station to another in a sequential process until forming the part to be carried out.

Fagor Arrasate’s capabilities to design and manufacture conventional mechanical presses, hydraulic presses and servopresses with an electronic transfer developed with proprietary technology, assure the highest performance and productivity occupying a minimum of space, allowing easier access to the installation’s different accessories

High productivity, Better quality and Energy Management

The installation can be blank-fed or fed directly from the coil, via a feeding line composed of an uncoiler, a straightener and feeding pinch rolls. The installation of an electronic transfer gives us the possibility of varying the number of steps or operations for each part, allowing a great flexibility in this installation and enabling it to produce a wide range of parts.

The transfer system installations, characterized by their automation and high production, possess systems allowing tool-changing time to be drastically reduced, eliminating down time and allowing small batches to be produced. All of this would be inconceivable without such systems.

All the presses have moving bolsters, quick tool-clamping systems, automatic change of bars and grippers and automatic transfer preparation (speeds, movement angles, pitch, lifting, opening, etc.. )

They also include an operator aid system, allowing the operator not only to control the system situation but also to aid in its production management

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  • Transfer press Fagor Arrasate
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