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In response to the need to improve the productivity and flexibility of mechanical presses, without sacrificing anything in terms of the quality of the manufactured parts and the life of the die, FAGOR ARRASATE has developed its new range of servo-driven mechanical presses.

The main feature of servo-driven presses is the elimination of the inertia flywheel and its replacement with direct coupling between the main drive motor of the press and the slide movement transmission.

The simplification of the transmission in combination with advanced CNC control and the use of high performance servomotors ensure that servo-driven presses are especially advantageous for processes in which the position and speed of the slide have to be controlled in real time: trying out dies, hot forming, thixoforming, hydroforming, plastic, aluminium, resin injection, etc.

Servo-driven presses enable the slide position curves, speed and stroke to be programmed so that different manufacturing processes can be carried out with just one press, including jobs that could not be done with mechanical presses until now: connecting rod-crank eccentric, Link-Drive, stopping at BDC of press, blanking, feeder transfer type multi-processes, high rate production, etc.

High productivity, Better quality and Energy Management

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