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Galvanising and Painting Lines

Dip galvanising lines are specially designed to reduce investment and guarantee suitable coating in the amount and quality required, while maintaining the metallographic characteristics of the substrate. The uniformity of the coating is excellent, and good adherence is ensured throughout the entire range of thicknesses and speeds. The lines are equipped with loopers (vertical or horizontal) to weld the end of one coil to the beginning of the next in a continuous process without stopping the line in the galvanizing area at any time. The furnaces can have two sections in order to optimise heating. The zinc dip tanks have the additional equipment required for filling, draining and handling, and for maintaining the correct temperature. The bath level is automatically maintained constant, detecting when a new ingot needs to be fed to the system. The lines may include skin passing, levelling and edge trimming sections. Depending on the production, there may be one or two winders.

Liquid painting lines are based on a system that applies the coating by means of rolls (either directly or inversely). The paint may be epoxy, fluoro-carbon, acrylic, plastisol, organic (alkyd or organosol), vinylic, etc. The device is adjustable, and the thickness of the coat of paint can therefore be determined with a high degree of precision. The coating may be applied to both sides of the strip. Before application, the strip is exhaustively cleaned by chemical spraying by sections, to obtain a surface suitable for paint adherence. When the paint has been applied, high-efficiency curing and drying ovens are used for rapid fixing. In the ovens, the strip does not make contact with any surfaces at all, so as not to damage the paint. The ovens are adjustable, for use with different types of materials and coatings, and they are equipped with all the necessary elements to minimise the environmental impact of the fumes emitted. RTO regenerative incinerators are used for this purpose. The painted strip may be cooled by water, air or a combination of both. Depending on the production, the installation may be equipped with a dual entry and dual exit. The loopers may be vertical or horizontal.


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