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Production Lines for DISHWASHER PARTS

Fagor Arrasate has designed, manufactured, assembled and installed at their destination automatic and flexible lines or systems for the manufacture of:

  • Outer doors and panels
  • Stainless steel inner tanks
  • Unit-reinforcing chassis or supports

The process for the lines or systems generally starts from blanks pre-cut to measure and placed on pallets. The blanks are made of pre-painted, lacquered, galvanised, stainless, or other types of sheet metal.

For the tanks, which are always of stainless steel, we would draw attention to the fact that the forming process used is that of “HYDROFORMING”. With this process shapes can be obtained which would be impossible to achieve with other systems or technologies.

For these parts, the hourly production rate differs substantially, going from:

  • Tanks 100 ÷ 120 per hour
  • Doors and panels 180 ÷ 200 per hour
  • Reinforcement supports 1500 ÷ 2000 parts per hour

Also, the number of models manufactured and the flexibility of model change for panels, doors and chassis is very high. The opposite is the case for the tanks line, where it is very low.


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