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Fagor Arrasate has been invited a one of the World Speakers to the International Seminar Forming Technology - ISFT – 2016

Hot Stamping and Press Hardening have these years dramatically changed the way that many automotive parts are manufactured. Parts that previously needed welded assemblies or machining are now manufactured in a single press stroke by stamping. Indeed, high responsibility structural parts needs very hard steels and complex geometries, a difficult duo as high stress steels have a low ductility. However, with the press hardening process, the high stress steel blank is heated over 900ºC to make it easily conformable and can be stamped with the desired geometry. Right in that moment, the die is violently cooled decreasing temperature under 200ºC in less than a few seconds. This, as is very well known, is equivalent to a quenching process boosting hardness to a very high value.  We obtain so parts of complex geometry with high strength.

It is not an easy task to design a press hardening system: the press, the cooled die, the transferring systems, the furnaces, etc. have to be thought specifically for the application and for assuring that the speed and reliability are elevated. Fagor Arrasate is one of the leading Companies in the design and manufacturing of Hot Stamping  and Press Hardening Systems . Together with Corporation’s sister company, Batz, specialized in the design of dies, created the brand Hotteknik that supplies turn-key systems with in-house products (press, dies and handling) guaranteeing a perfect integration of them, the full optimization, a higher productivity and a perfect profitability.

Being leaders in the field, Fagor Arrasate has been invited a one of the World Speakers to the International Seminar Forming Technology -  ISFT – 2016 to be held in Bangalore, India, on January 20th. Our colleague Mr. Aitor Ormaetxea will deliver a lecture about the new advances in Hot Stamping and Press Hardening with a paper titled  “Latest Developments and Tests for Hot Forming”. The event is held within the “International Forming Technology Exhibition” .


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