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03/09/2015 - NEW ORDER FOR FAGOR ARRASATE for the forming of COMPOSITES for the Automotive Sector”

Fagor Arrasate will provide a high performance hydraulic press SMC (Sheet Molding Compound) for manufacturing large auto parts.

Fagor Arrasate has been chosen as a supplier to design and supply a 3600 x 2400 mm, 3000 Ton hydraulic press with active parallelism control for the manufacturing of SMC (Sheet molding compound) parts aimed to the Automotive Sector. This press is specially designed to perform in the same installation parts by the SMC (Sheet molding compound) and GMT (Glass mat thermoplastic) or LWRT (Lightweight reinforced thermoplastic) processes.

The SMC is a material that comes in rolls of a thermosetting matrix discontinuous pasty fiber glass, which is formed in the press and cured by temperature. Due to the pasty condition of the material it is necessary to have systems that ensure an active parallelism control while material is pressed and filling the mold, reaching values of 0.08mm and thus achieving a thickness tolerances and excellent quality piece. The control of parallelism insures less force on the hydraulic press horizontal forces.

Within the weight reduction targets that are developed in the automotive sector due to changing CO2 emissions regulations coming into force in 2020, Fagor Arrasate offers facilities to produce different processes and variants reinforced fiber composite parts, given its potential to offer lightness, resistance and aesthetic benefits.

For more detailed information on different processes follow link




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