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Fagor Arrasate develops advanced Finite Element Methods (FEM) to design the frames of the presses and simulating leveling processes

Fagor Arrasate's  use of the finite element calculation techniques is not limited to static calculations. Currently the complicated phenomenon that is complex fatigue is being tackled. The frames undergoing load stresses which are repeated over time admit notably less stress comparing with the statically applied stresses which could be suffered. Most of the frames and practically all the machines suffer fatigue which is why making accurate fatigue calculations is so important. It is extremely complicated to foresee cracks appearing and spreading. In the phenomenon fatigue there are many factors: material properties, surface quality of parts, the size of the parts, the heat treatment they have undergone and there is even the statistical factor as the metallographic characteristics of the steel are not exactly the same from one sheet to another. The work starts by analysing what the determining factor is, that is welding. The highly localized high temperatures reached are the origins of the residual stress which directly influences the working life of the architectures.

Finite Element Method FEM Analysis is useful for modeling fatigue in the frame of the presses and simulating levelling phenomenon

Another of the new processes being analyzed using new techniques is the levelling process. FEM calculations are proving to be vital in understanding the phenomena which appear when levelling strips. Thanks to correct characterization of sheet properties which is the input for the finite element simulations, we are managing to theoretically produce with great reliability what in reality takes place. It is understood that the theoretical understanding of the phenomena is also being used to put forward alternatives to the traditional levelling process. Hence, Fagor Arrasate  is launching more efficient roll levellers, tension levellers and stretch levellers and all this with a wide range of metals, having already created one of the most interesting high-quality portfolios available on the market as far as levelling is concerned.


If this article can be interested for you, please follow this link  to download the full paper “The role of FEM analysis in continuous improvement”



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