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CNC Flexible Bending allows manufacturing sheet metal parts that are much more complex and made of not easy forming materials

One of the most visible parts of a refrigerator  is the door, which also has the greatest aesthetic element. The most common method for shaping the external radii of these doors is bending. The possibility today of carrying out, by means of the Fagor Arrasate  FEXIBENDER, different kinds of bending, bending geometries and radii means a wide range of door models and types can be achieved with a single line. Furthermore, the space occupied on the premises is reduced since a CNC flexible bending station can do the work which used to require 2, 3 or even 4 stations.

Another advantage of this kind of bending press is its capacity to process different kinds of materials. It is common knowledge elastic recovery varies according to material characteristics. As a result, this variation makes production with conventional machinery more costly besides being difficult to attain. The movement of the CNC controlled bending press adapts to each material achieving the same geometry by merely adjusting the bending characteristics, with repetition comparable to conventional machine.

CNC FLEXIBENDER has proved a great performance in the manufacturing of the aesthetical complex refrigerator doors.

Thanks to CNC technology the bending press can describe any trajectory. Thus by combining the bending press geometry and appropriate trajectory, panels of greatly varying geometries can be achieved, in addition to obtain repetitiveness comparable to values obtained by conventional bending machinery or other methods such as shaping.


If this article can be interested for you, please follow this link  to download the full paper “FLEXIBENDER, FLEXIBLE CNC BENDING”



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