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Fagor has installed a new line of hydraulic presses in the facility that the German car maker AUDI has in Gyor, Hungary

This new line includes three hydraulic presses that can work in try out mode  to test dies as well as in production mode to manufacture medium batches of parts. The first of these machines, acting as a head press (see picture) has a capacity of 2500 ton while the following presses have a force of 1600 ton each. Dimensions of the working bolsters are 5000 x 2500 mm and the stroke reaches 1700 mm. These presses include an intelligent CNC cushion on the base with 9 controlled independent points as well as cushions in the slide. The base cushion has also a pre-acceleration feature. The maximum speed of the slides is 500 mm/s. The presses have the most advances safety systems, automatic scrap funnels, anti noise enclosure, multimedia control with integrated diagnosis, dampers and quick change of die by means of moving bolsters and quick clamps.

Hydraulic presses are enjoying a new dawn in the market as with all the new and advances features they have now, become a very profitable alternative for manufacturing automotive parts, being also ideal for the new processes demanded by the sector as press-hardening or forming SMC or other composite materials.


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