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With two synchronized and concatenated presses that can work stand alone or in tandem mode, the new stamping systems offers a flexibility not seen so far.

The new stamping system installed by FAGOR ARRASATE in the facility that important stamper FRANCISCO SEGURA has in Hungary defines a new standard in the field of stamping systems and marks the most advances state-of-the-art in this technique.

The new stamping system includes two concatenated presses that can manufactured transfer parts of big size and high complexity at high speed. The first one is a servopress  has a capacity of 200 ton and a bolster’s size of 6000 x 2400 mm. This machine has a servocontroled stroke from 40 to 500mm, a figure that shows the high flexibility of the equipment. Also, the servopress can work in a range of speeds from 1 to 40 spm what allows manufacturing much more complex parts than in other stamping units. Driving, controlled by a last generation system, is based on two motors of 220 kw each. The machine includes a programmable electronic transfer from FAGOR, model CNC6 able to run at 24 spm with 800 mm of pitch or 20 spm with 1100 mm pitch.

Concatenated with this servopress, the system is completed with another 2000 ton press, this one driven by a link drive mechanism and also with a bolster of 6000 x 2400 mm. The stroke of this second machine is 900 mm and, as the first one, it has a programmable electronic transfer CNC6.

Material is fed to the stamping system from a coil feeding line able to process coils of 1600 mm in width and 3 mm in thickness or from a blank destacker, so the system can work starting from coils or from blanks. Moreover, at the other end of the system there is another blank destacker to be able to work in the opposite flow.

The control is also well advanced, including the new development PROSTAMP  that monitors the required tonnage needed in each stroke what allows to optimize the work and maintenance of the dies. PROSTAMP offers precise information about drawing work optimization and it is a pioneer and terrific tool in the optimization and good maintenance of the installation.



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