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01/14/2011 - FAGOR has ordered a line for welding ovens in automatic mode

FAGOR has ordered a line for welding ovens in automatic mode from FAGOR ARRASATE. The new line includes these machines: a blank destacker with two carts, a bending station, a wrapper calibration and location station, a roller seam welding unit, a front flange 90º forming and wiping station, a back cover pre-assembly and front flange piercing station, two stations for back cover assembly, a resistance cover feeding assembly station, a station for brackets assembly, back cover assembly station, an over head transfer device and an exit run out conveyor.

The material processed in the line is steel of 0.5 mm in thickness and 340 Mpa of UTS. It enters the line in blanks of 410 mm in width and 1550 mm in length. The entry bundles can weigh 1500 Kg. The cycle time is 18 seconds and the average changing time to adapt the line to the different models is 10 minutes.


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