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Fagor Arrasate

Full Servo Forging Press

Have a look at our Full Servo Forging Press in action.

Always forward!

Our colleagues in Fagor Arrasate China have just passed the quarantine and are now recovering a “normal” life affected though by a footprint that will continue to accompany us all. To send a strong message of support and solidarity to the rest of Fagor Arrasate and to show us that there is light at the end of the tunnel, they sent this video.


The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is a challenge of exceptional proportions whose evolution for the coming days and weeks is unknown.

As an organisation, the priority for FAGOR Arrasate within this complicated situation is and will always be to guarantee the safety and well-being of people, combining this premise in the best possible way with the continuity of service to our customers.

We are working and taking all the necessary measures to make this possible. Therefore, our organization, either on site or teleworking, is still active and is at your disposal to continue to meet your needs.

Our commitment is, once this crisis has been overcome, to put all the means at our disposal to fulfil our obligations with the least possible impact. Together we will overcome it.

Two 30.000 kN transfer presses designed for the automotive industry

We want to thank those of you who showed such great interest in our Transfer Press event scheduled for March 23-27. However, given the current travel restrictions, and prioritizing the safety of our clients, we are cancelling the Open-House Exhibition. Since we can’t provide you with a live tour, we leave you with this short video where you can admire our 30,000 kN transfer press in action.

We hope to count on your presence on future occasions.