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FAGOR ARRASATE introduces advanced revolutionary metal forming systems at EuroBLECH fair in Hanover,


10/23/2012 - 10/27/2012


FAGOR ARRASATE introduces advanced revolutionary metal forming systems at EuroBLECH fair in Hanover,

EuroBlech Exhibition is the most important and largest Show in the World about sheet metal forming machine tools. This year will be held from October 23 to 27 in Hannover. As world leader, Fagor Arrasate will be present showing all its new solutions in the field of mechanical and hydraulic presses; sheet metal rolling, processing and finishing; servotechnology; special systems for forming complex parts as well as press hardening and hot stamping. “Along these decade, Fagor Arrasate has become a key partner for main car makers or steel processors and all of them expect from us a significant and decisive presence in the Show, introducing new equipment, new solutions and new technologies, fulfilling our motto ‘The Metal Forming Perfection’”- says Fagor’s Director.


One of the star products to be shown and explained is the new FAGOR WAVE PRESS LINE, a revolutionary concept that allows the stamping press lines to increase productivity in about 40%. “The fact that with only one line, the output can be increased so dramatically, means that car makers can improve their profits in the same proportion”- says Fagor’s CTO. The WAVE press line has been a development carried out together with KUKA and, for instance, a WAVE line has installed recently in the facility that Volkswagen has in South Africa. Opposite to the conventional press lines, in a WAVE line all the pieces- robots and presses- run synchronically without stopping the presses or the robots. When seeing the line working from outside it seems that all the mechanisms are dancing together and the slides create a waving motion that gives name to this concept. Not only production is increased so much but quality is better and maintenance is reduced a lot. Customers have realized immediately the advantages of the WAVE lines and we have a pretty good bunch of orders”- says one of the Fagor’s Area Sales Manager. Our visitors will be informed with the main advantages and characteristics of the WAVE concept and how it can help production and profitability.


Fagor was pioneer in the development of servopresses and now is a major player in the filed with many references already working in the main Customers of the World. Servopresses allow to manufacture more complex parts as well as reduces maintenance of the machines and increases the life of presses and dies. With the new energy management systems developed by FAGOR, this new installations are also very efficient. Fagor has installed servopresses applied to several applications as press lines, servoblanking lines that can increase 50% the output in blanking operations, concatenated transfer presses, transfer presses and many other applications. Visitors to Fagor’s booth in Hannover will be able to see videos and interactive information about these new servopresses that the Spanish Firm is creating.


Fagor is definitely the world leader in blanking lines and making honour to that position has developed new concepts that will be explained at our booth in Hannover: servoblanking lines running at 120 m/min and up to 100 spm; start/stop stackers that can be vacuum or electromagnetic, new washing and oiling procedures, dual blanking lines to run aluminum and steel, special levelers with quick change of cartridges and extra fine adjustments, compact blanking lines, etc.


More and more, car makers try to reduce fuel consumption and this means that new concepts have to be applied in the manufacturing of the bodies of the car. Fagor provides a broad range of solutions to help them to achieve the goals. First, under the brand HOTTEKNIK, it proposes Press Hardening systems combining ONAPRES hydraulic presses, servopresses, advanced furnaces, robotization and handling, refrigerated dies and laser trimming units, all of them in a turn key system. Right now, FAGOR is supplying several press hardening installations. “Our big advantage is that Fagor provides a real turn key solution because all the major components- presses, automation and dies- are designed and made within our Corporation. HOTTEKINIK- the collaboration between FAGOR, BATZ and ONAPRES, three of the companies of our Mondragon Corporation- is a winning team”- says Hotteknik’s CEO.


Through our brand ONAPRES we have developed new hydraulic presses equipped with active hydraulic cushions that allow to work in several new advantageous modes as bottom to top or stamping very complex parts. Also, when flexibility is needed, a hydraulic solution is a very profitable solution that helps End Users to make more with less.

It is needed to focus specially in the hydraulic presses applied to the work of non metallic materials as SMC; compsites or FRP. “Many automotive parts will be made in these materials in a near future and ONAPRES has already a broad experience in the field. This allows us to offer to our Customers really optimized and productive solutions”- says Onapres’s CEO.

Fagor is also a very well known partner in steel and aluminum rolling, processing and finishing. Visitors to Fagor’s booth at the EuroBlech will be able to see the new tension leveling lines and skin pass mills as well as several new heavy finishing lines for thick high strength material. Our sales staff will be glad to show you some new videos and provide information about the latest developments in the field.

Our Booth

Fagor will be present in Hall 27 Stand E54. Big and interactive multimedia shows will be held for our kind visitors.


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