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ALUMINIUM CHINA 2017 is Asia’s leading aluminium industry platform, annually held in Shanghai

2017/07/19 - 2017/07/21

FAGOR ARRASATE supplies always the ideal line for each Customer and each application with its own products from its wide portfolio. Particularly for the Aluminium industry, FAGOR ARRASATE may offer the following equipment and services: Cold Rolling Mills including Break-down Rolling Mills and Foil Mills, Side-trimming with Center Cut lines, Degreasing and Tension leveling lines, Coil Coating lines, Cut to Length and Slitting lines. Our services include complete EPC plants including all auxiliaries (electrical and automation packages, water treatment plants, compressed air, roll shop, cranes, etc…) and Consultancy such process know-how transfer, lay-out and material flow optimization, production and maintenance organization and project management. Among the advanced machines that can be included in our lines, the following can be cited: roll levelers with automatic change of cartridges; stop-before-drop electromagnetic stackers; vacuum stackers both with belts or pick up devices for non magnetic materials; bomb door and air cushion stackers; multiblanking stackers; stretch levelers; tension levelling lines both in dry or wet models; rotary, drum, flying or roto-oscillating shears to cut trapezoids; slitters with automatic change of tooling with turnstile or garage; felt pad, tension rolls, magnetic, vacuum or belt bridle tensioning devices; recoilers with automatic change of mandrel; roll or electrostatic oilers; presses or servopresses for the blanking lines; multimedia controls up to level 3; inspection cabins with controlled illumination; high capacity skin passes; reversible rolling mills, 2 or 4 highs; horizontal or vertical loopers; scale-breakers ; push pull or continuous pickling lines; hot dip galvanizing lines; swinging dies, etc.,

Fagor will be present in Hall 1D63


If you wish to know a further detail of whatever you need regarding your visit, please indicate it to the following  FAGOR ARRASATE    We will prepare all documentation for the visit.