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Fagor Arrasate will be present at the Forge Fair, the largest event in the United States exclusively dedicated to the forging industry. The event will be held in Cleveland, Ohio, between the 21st and the 23rd of May. The company will display its innovative Full Servo forging press concept, whose primary value lies in its production rate and versatility.

In 2005, Fagor Arrasate developed the first servo press in Europe; today, it applies its knowledge and experience with servo technology to the forge sector with its new concept, the Full Servo. Integrating a servo press with servo transfer and servo ejection system with the Syncro 3D simulator enables maximum equipment flexibility and versatility thanks to the level of control, precision, and maneuverability achieved.

Servo technology makes it possible to accelerate and decelerate the main motor in a controlled manner, which in turn allows the forging speed to be adapted to the manufactured part, thus increasing its quality. In turn, the transfer window can be expanded to enable faster access to the processed part, leading to increased productivity. The possibility to easily adapt the movement curve of the slide to the new processes, thanks to the servo technology, allows for excellent flexibility when it comes to producing parts.

In the forge world, Fagor Arrasate specializes in the design and manufacture of multi-station transfer presses with a high degree of equipment customization. A detailed analysis of each client’s needs allows us to offer a design that precisely and accurately fulfills their requirements. Thanks to this ability, not only is it possible to adapt the force and stroke of the press and the type of kinematic chain, but also all the movement curves and forces from the various ejection systems, and even the maximum forces supported by each station. Included in the turnkey equipment offered by Fagor Arrasate are the mechanical and hydraulic presses for warm forging and cold forging, as well as cold sizing.

At the Forge Fair, Fagor Arrasate will also display some of the most recent forging projects it has undertaken, such as a 1,250 metric ton toggle transfer press and 4 stations installed in the USA that produce 50 parts per minute, with upper and lower mechanical ejectors and a die-changing arm.

The Forge Fair is a biannual fair organized by the Forging Industry Association, which brings together more than 100 American producers of forged metal components and represents 89% of the forging-related turnover in the USA, which amounts to approximately 12 billion dollars. More than 160 companies from around the world will display their solutions at the fair. In addition to the exhibition, the Forge Fair includes three days of presentations and talks about the most recent advances in R&D.


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