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A NEW Technology Day, named FAGOR TECHNOLOGY STAMPING DAY, will be held in Bursa, Turkey, on December 2nd

During the event, engineers and specialist of Fagor Arrasate will talk about all the new developments in the stamping field. The most advanced and state-of-the-art technologies in the field of sheet metal stamping will be explained and shown, for instance the servopress and others advanced stamping technologies that are today a key factor in the manufacturing of vehicles. These techniques are experiencing an ample development nowadays

Among other topics, our engineers will talk about SPT Servopress Technology that allows to produce much more complex parts with total control of the drawing process and guaranteeing, at the same time,  the most efficient use of energy and environment’s care. The Servo Blanking Lines for steel and aluminum skin panels will be also introduced as they are an interesting contribution to the manufacturing of light weight vehicles, a key concept nowadays. Engineers will talk also about  High Speed Press Tandem Lines for increasing productivity at a higher level; about Advanced Transfer Presses for structural parts; Press hardening with Mechanical Servopresses for obtaining highest features and performance; manufacturing of Composites with Newly Developed Presses in order to manufacture lighter vehicles as well as the impact of Industry 4.0 Concept in the Stamping Field,


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