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12/11/2015 - Fagor Arrasate presents New Developments in Servo Technology at FABTECH 2015

In the recent FABTECH 2015 edition held in Chicago from the 9th to 12th of November, FAGOR ARRASATE has given a lecture in which he has presented the latest developments in servo technology.

The servo technology (SDT) allows us to obtain the highest flexibility as well as productivity and energy efficiency.
With servo technology, slide movements that some time ago where impossible are nowadays real. It permits the highest versatility of the press automation and opens new doors to metal forming process engineers.

The advantage of having unlimited possible curves in the slide of one single press,  together with the Fagor Syncro 3D simulating  software enable the engineers  to use the press in the fastest and steadiest possible curve with each different process performed.

Fagor kinematic buffer makes the press system to be more energy efficient, both when the press is demanding energy and when the slide is being stopped.


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