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07/02/2014 - Audi celebrates the Official Opening of two New Fagor Hydraulic Presses installed at its Ingolstadt facility.

They are two FAGOR hydraulic presses of 1600 Ton of capacity each one.

Audi celebrated recently the official Opening of the new equipment installed at its facility in Ingolstadt, Germany. Fagor Arrasate has supplied two advanced hydraulic presses for the try-out of complex dies with a capacity of 16,000 KN each one. Dimensions of the working bolsters are 5000 x 2500 mm and the stroke reaches 1700 mm. These presses include an intelligent CNC cushion on the base with 9 controlled independent points. The base cushion has also a pre-acceleration feature to reduce impacts and lengthen the life of dies and presses. The maximum speed of the slides is 500 mm/s. The presses have the most advanced safety systems, automatic scrap funnels, anti noise enclosure, multimedia control with integrated diagnosis, dampers and quick change of die by means of moving bolsters and quick clamps.

Audi chooses Suppliers certified as Excellent and Fagor has been one of those

This order, so successfully completed by Fagor Arrasate, is of special significance because the Ingolstadt facility is the Center of Excellence of Audi in the manufacturing and try out of dies, demanding top quality in equipment and the highest standards of manufacturing procedures from the Suppliers. During the speeches, Audi’s officers emphasized how Fagor is an excellent partner to reach the top quality standards of the German Company.



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