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A new order to design, manufacture and supply a press blanking line

Multinational company FORD MOTORS  has trusted again in FAGOR ARRASATE, awarding the Spanish company with a new order to design, manufacture and supply a press blanking line  that will be installed at the factory that the car maker has in Tamil Nadu, India.

This new installation will process high strength steel of 650 MPa in thickness up to 2.5 mm and coils as wide as 2000 mm. These entry coils will be able to weigh up to 27 ton with inner diameters of 20” and 24” and outer diameter of 1800 mm. The parts to be cut in this blanking line can be shaped and their maximum length will be 4100 mm being stacked in bundles of 10 ton. The lines will be very productive with a speed of 90 m/min and able to reach 70 parts per minute.

The line will include an entry zone totally automated with a washing oiler machine to clean the material that will be used for the delicate parts of the car’s body; a high accuracy leveler and a set of high speed cyclical feeding rolls. The blanking press will have a capacity of 6000 KN with a bolster’s dimension of 4600 x 2500 mm able to move dies of 40 tons with 2 mobile bolsters running in a T-track path for the quick change of tools. The stroke of this press will be 250 mm. Finally, a two stations electromagnetic stacker able to run in start/stop mode ( a very good feature to  have care of the edges ) will complete the line. Also, this system will have a front stacker to stack the parts that come out of the die perpendicularly to the line.



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