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02/09/2011 - Transformados MAYO orders a transfer press

An important Spanish Stamper has ordered a 2000 ton transfer press for its facility in Navarra.

TRANSFORMADOS MAYO,   an important Spanish Stamper has ordered a 2000 ton transfer press   for its facility in Navarra 


The press is big with a size of the bolster of 6500 x 1800 mm. The stroke will be 750 mm, the Shut Height 1200 mm and the Slide’s adjustment will be 300 mm. The available energy will be 400 KJ and the force will be exerted at 12.7 mm of the BDP. This press will be able to run from 8 to 24 spm in working mode while in adjusting mode will run from 5 to 8 spm. It is a really heavy machine with about 500 ton in weight.


The press is a link drive type to improve the work with difficult part, reduce noise and vibrations and extend the life of the dies and the machine. The clutch and brake  is hydraulic and the installation it has two moving bolster to change the dies quickly. These dies are also heavy of 50 ton each.


The transfer is electronic and it is the FAGOR CNC 6 model. This transfer can run with programmable pitches from 0 to 1100 mm and lifting motions of 300 mm.  Finally, the stamping system has an entry destacker and loader. The destacker can handle blanks with dimensions up to 1200 x 800 mm, thickness from 0.5 to 3 mm and a maximum weight per blank of 25 kg.  




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