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01/08/2010 - Fagor Arrasate supplies the equipment for the new facilities of Gestamp, Gonvarri and Severstal in Russia

Gestamp and Gonvarri inaugurated recently in the Russian region of Kaluga two joint factories with the giant Russian Steel Maker Severstal. Both are located in the industrial pole of Grabtsevo, southwest of Moscow. The first facility, Gestamp Severstal Kaluga, with an investment of 124 million euros will stamp parts for the automotive sector making body parts for the car makers located in the zone: Volkswagen, Peugeot-Citroen- Mitsubishi, Renault-Afromos and Volvo. The second one, a joint venture between Severstal and Gonvarri, will manage a complete steel service center for the previous one with a productive capacity of 170,000 tons of sheet metal.
Fagor Arrasate has been the chosen Company for supplying the stamping press lines as well as the coil cutting lines for the new factories. First, a transfer press with a capacity of 1600 tons and a bolster’s size of 4700 x 2200 mm, having an electronic transfer fully programmable up to 1200 mm pitch. This machine also includes a coil line for coils of 1500 x 3 mm. Second, two press lines. One of the G1 type with a head press of 2000 tons and dimensions of 4500 x 2400 mm, followed by five presses of 1000 Tons each one, all of them with robots to automatically transfer parts among them in a totally automatic process. The second press line is of the G2 type, also fully robotized and with four presses of 630 Tons each. Third, a coil blanking line to process coils of 1850 x 3 mm. This blanking line includes a leveler with automatic change of roll cartridge, a start/stop electromagnetic stacker, swinging die to cut trapezoids and a press of 800 Tons. Finally, a slitting line to process high strength steel of 1850 mm in width and 6 mm in thickness. This line also has a complete banding installation
Our CEO Mr, Balzategui attended the brilliant ceremony of the inauguration


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